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Furniture Gallery – Woodworking Student Work

Lonnie Bird's School of Fine Woodworking

Few activities are as rewarding as building a piece of fine furniture. There’s a special appeal to taking a stack of rough wood planks and carefully crafting them into something both beautiful and useful for your family and friends.

As you’ll see from the photos in this article, we build a lot of different types of furniture at my woodworking school--from tables and beds to chairs and casework. Crafting a piece of fine furniture is a long, careful process. Each of the steps is challenging; when you set high standards for yourself it becomes an even greater test.

The woodworkers represented here have set the bar high and, as you can see from the photos, their work is outstanding. Look closely at the flowing curves on the table legs, the precise rows of dovetails, and the carefully aligned blocking on the blockfront chests. This is a collection of excellent work and I’m sure that these woodworkers are pleased.

Thanks to everyone who attended a class recently--and special thanks to those who contributed to this article. ~ Lonnie

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Phil Keppel

Jim Kirby

Rex Mattern

Tom Hollis

 Clay Smith

Kevin Cork

Thomas Skinner

Terry Moses

David Wright

Bill Bliss

Ed Gerrard

Nick Santangelo

Denise Ennis

Chris Basescu

Don McDonald

Frank Ramsey

Dennis Garmer

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