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Lonnie Bird is not only a master woodworker and teacher, but is a published author as well. He has written several woodworking books for The Taunton Press. He has also been a a contributing editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine and American Woodworker.

Books published by the Taunton Press:



The Complete Illustrated Guide to Using Woodworking Tools

This step-by-step pictorial reference covers using all the tools found in a modern woodworking shop. Organized for quick access, this book makes it easy to find exactly the woodworking technique you are looking for. Over 850 photos and drawings illustrate using hand and power tools, including choosing the right tool for the job, setting it up, and basic and special operations.



 The Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers

Expand your skills through understanding of the router and what you can achieve with it

The router, for its simple design, is one of the most versatile tools you can own. You can shape decorative profiles, cut grooves, flush-trim, raise panels, and cut almost any joint.

In the Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers, you'll learn how to unleash this versatility by choosing the appropriate bit, and guiding the cut in the proper manner. You'll also learn that while a multitude of bits are available, a few essential bits will enable you to accomplish many of your routing tasks.

More than 800 photos and drawings show you how to use and care for your router and how to get the most from it. In addition to mastering the use of your router, you'll also learn about router tables, and how to make one that works perfectly in your shop.


The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood

A comprehensive and graphic wood shaping reference

Shaping Wood Using Woodworking Shapers Shape is critical to the ultimate success or failure of a piece of furniture. Knowing this, custom-furniture maker Lonnie Bird has taken the complex subject of shaping wood and made it accessible to every woodworker.

In Shaping Wood, Bird shows you how to dress up your furniture, personalize your work and create period details. Learn to turn, carve, bend, cut and shape with hand tools or machines. All the techniques are in this accessible guide -- from cutting a simple circle to carving a ball-and-claw foot. He leads you through visualizing, drawing a shape and then choosing the appropriate tool for creating it.

  • Graphic, step-by-step presentation of key techniques and methods
  • Visual maps, cross-references and indexes make information easy to find
  • Covers the many woodworking methods and tools available
  • Modern, up-to-date coverage of tools and techniques
  • Part of a three-volume encyclopedia of woodworking

The Bandsaw Book

A comprehensive, completely up-to-date guide to one of the most versatile tools in a woodshop Bandsaw Book Furniture Making by Lonnie Bird

The bandsaw is found in three out of four professional woodshops. In fact, it's the most widely used woodworking tool of all. Although deceptively simple -- a steel blade rotating around two rubber-clad wheels -- the bandsaw does its best work when it's properly tuned.

Enter Lonnie Bird: In The Bandsaw Book, Bird gives you all the information you may have wished came with the owner's manual plus a lot more, like what to look for when buying a bandsaw and how to tune it up for optimal performance.

Organized for easy access, the book provides in-depth, practical information on setup, tuning, choosing blades, and operation. Also covered are all bandsaw techniques from basic to advanced. More than 225 color photos and illustrations.

the-shaper-bookORDER-OFFThe Shaper Book

With the proliferation of table-mounted routers in the woodshop, most woodworkers have never experienced the power and precision that a stationary shaper has to offer. In addition to a quiet, vibration-free cut, the shaper allows you to surpass the capabilities of the router by offering wider, deeper cuts, production runs, and custom moldings.

In this book, author Lonnie Bird demonstrates how versatile and extremely productive the shaper can be. You'll see that the shaper, with its vast assortment of cutterheads, fences and jigs, can handle a wide variety of woodworking applications.

Regardless of your level of woodworking, the shaper can increase the quality and efficiency of your work, and it can broaden the scope of your woodworking.

More than just a primer on shaper techniques, this book gives shop-proven examples of how the shaper can be put to use. With an emphasis on safety, this book is a step-by-step guide that will teach you all about the shaper: from basic setups to cutting curved molding profiles to designing shaper jigs that will expand your woodworking potential.


Magazine Articles

Fine Woodworking Magazine

Lonnie Bird has published a number of articles in the following woodworking magazines; he has also been contributing editor to both Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker.

Fine Woodworking

American Woodworker

Popular Woodworking

Woodworker's Journal


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