Instructional DVD’s

Mastering Handplanes DVD

Learn to Plane Like a Pro!



Choosing Planes—the three most essential planes and what to look for when making your selection. Also included is a complete discussion of bevel-up and bevel-down style of planes.

Sharpening and Tuning—solid techniques for creating a sharp edge and how to tune your planes for optimum performance.

Planing Technique—simple, yet effective, methods for holding the work while planing. Also covers grain direction, stance, and basic planing techniques for a variety of work.

Practical Applications—Lonnie planes all the parts of a blanket chest. You’ll see the actual planing techniques he uses when constructing fine furniture.

Bonus Section:
Flattening a Wide Board—you’ll learn how to use winding sticks and flatten wide stock by hand. Lonnie also shows how to tune a plane specifically for flattening wide stock.

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Lonnie Bird School of Fine Woodworking

Mastering Dovetails DVD

Create Beautiful Dovetails for your next project!


Handcut Dovetails are both strong and beautiful–but they also have a reputation for being difficult to master. However, as Lonnie points out in his latest DVD, cutting dovetails is basically just sawing and chiseling to a layout line.

The Mastering Dovetails DVD is an excellent instructional tool.–Bill A., NC

In this 60-minute DVD, Lonnie will show you how to layout and cut beautiful, distinctive dovetails for your next project. The DVD covers tool selection, layout, through dovetails, half-blind dovetails, and steps to dovetailing a box. The DVD is divided into several chapters, which makes it easy to go back and review selected topics.

Whether you’ve tried your hand at dovetails or this is your first attempt, you’ll find many useful tips and suggestions for making your dovetails fit precisely the first time.


DVDs may only be purchased at the
Lonnie Bird School of Fine Woodworking