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lonnie-bird-and-studentHi, I'm Lonnie Bird.

Great projects, small classes, plenty of one-on-one instruction.

That's the combination that makes my school so popular.

These are my projects. I design them myself to ensure great proportions, pleasing lines and sound construction. At my woodworking school you'll learn the best construction methods. All of the projects are constructed with time-honored mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joinery. So besides taking home new woodworking skills you'll also take home an heirloom piece of furniture.

The goal of many woodworking schools is to fill every class with as many as twenty people. We limit our class sizes--from four to nine students, depending on the class. You won't have to "get a number" to receive help and you won't get lost in the crowd. Instead, you'll receive plenty of hands-on woodworking instruction. While you’re here you'll also have your own large sturdy workbench with a vise.

"You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks for your dedication of time and patience."--Paul B., VA

I don't delegate teaching to someone else. Instead, I personally teach each class. So you'll benefit from my 25 plus years of teaching, professional writing and building furniture. I want you to learn all that you can about woodworking and have a great week.

"Your 25+ years of experience shows in your teaching.
This was the best woodworking class I've ever taken."--Ed F., AK

planeThe best value in woodworking education.
We know that you're excited about woodworking. We are, too!