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Woodworking Instructor and Master Craftsman

Lonnie-Bird-craftsmanLonnie is both a master craftsman and a master teacher.

Lonnie has been woodworking for nearly thirty-five years and teaching for over twenty-five. In other words, he is not a magazine editor or tool salesman that works wood occasionally and teaches a few days each year; he has made fine woodworking and teaching fine woodworking his full-time passion.

Lonnie is an expert with hand tools and woodworking machines; he knows how to tune a plane for top performance and he can set up a tablesaw for complex cuts. His knowledge base is broad because of his extensive woodworking experience; as a long-time woodworker he has built countless examples of fine dovetailed casework and drawers, carved tables, delicate inlay, sculpted chairs and elegant turned post beds.

"Lonnie is an outstanding teacher and a fine craftsman. The woodworking classes are always fantastic."--Mike S., TN

"My thanks to Lonnie for spending the time with each of us to help us learn woodworking."--Frank R., LA

Lonnie's work is widely recognized; it's been featured on the covers of several major woodworking magazines and Early American Life magazine has acknowledged Lonnie as one of the best craftsmen in the U.S. (View Lonnie's furniture gallery).

As a master teacher, Lonnie knows how to break down seemingly complex furniture into manageable steps that you can master.  You'll benefit from both his vast knowledge of woodworking and his many years of teaching experience. And having written six woodworking books and countless magazine articles, Lonnie knows how to communicate effectively to those wanting to learn new woodworking skills. There are very few craftsmen that have decades of fine woodworking experience coupled with years of teaching and writing.


Magazine Articles

Fine Woodworking Magazine

Although he spends the majority of his time building furniture and teaching woodworking students, Lonnie Bird has published a number of articles in the following woodworking magazines; he has also been contributing editor to both Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker:

Fine Woodworking

American Woodworker

Popular Woodworking

Woodworker's Journal

Lonnie uses the same strong communication skills used to write articles on furniture making to teach students here at the woodworking school.

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