Student Work–David Wright

I was attending a class with Lonnie when he showed us his recently-completed Mass. Blockfront Chest and I was immediately taken with the beauty of the piece.  I especially liked the way the horizontal lines are established by the top,  the drawer dividers and base moulding and the precise vertical lines are set up by the drawer fronts as well as the shaping of the top and base molding.  There was no doubt in my mind it would be my next project.  I learned a lot of new skills in building the chest, such as Lonnie’s special method of constructing the sliding dovetail joining the top to the sides, plus the shaping of the drawer dividers, then setting them into the case sides with dovetail joinery.   The actual construction of the drawer fronts was both challenging and fun, but the methodology was not at all what I had expected, and it required both new machine as well as hand tool skills.  The finished product is my wife’s favorite, and it enjoys a special place of prominence in our home. ~ David Wright