Student Work–Ed Gerrard

The desk involved learning a lot of new techniques from pattern routing to bandsawing and shaping ogee feet. The desk class actually started at home, before the actual class began. Each of us had to cut the dovetails on the main box. Earlier casework classes with Lonnie made this within reach. The desk contains many dovetailed drawers as well.

The slant front of the desk is a single large board with bread board ends to keep it flat while still allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction. All in all, this was a great learning experience that combined many new machine and hand tool techniques.

I was confident enough, after making a desk in class, to make another desk at home; for the second desk, I chose tiger maple. This time I added some additional “secret” compartments, much to the delight of my grandchildren. The next project will be to complete the bookcase upper cases for these desks.  ~ Ed Gerrard