Student Work–Frank Ramsey

I love everything about this Virginia corner cabinet.  I like making the tombstone doors. There are several things to learn making the doors including mitered sticking, mortise-and-tenon joints, and the layout of the arch is critical. Making the upper door with the divided lights is also a challenge. It also includes mortise-and-tenon joints and the layout requires patience, detailed measurements, and precise execution. I learned how to fit doors properly making this cabinet.   I also learned an efficient way to install the hardware and door locks. There are several different moldings to make. Applying the molding includes many cuts so by the time you finish, you are quite good at cutting and fitting molding. There are so many details in this cabinet.  There are new techniques I learned from the feet all the way to the top.  The inside included plate grooves in the shelves plus scalloped edges.  Even the back of the cabinet was detailed with a beaded back. This project has been a great way to learn many different skills.  The best thing is that I get to walk through my dining room every day and see a beautiful piece of furniture that I made.  Thanks to Lonnie for a great design of this Virginia corner cabinet. ~ Frank Ramsey