Student Work–Jim Kirby

I have attended five of Lonnie Bird’s classes starting with Woodworking Essentials in 2009. My favorite so far has been the blockfront chest class. At home I mainly build simple Shaker style furniture and so I wanted to build something more challenging. The blockfront chest class was just what I was looking for. The proportions and detail of this piece are wonderful. The finished piece, especially in tiger maple, which is my favorite wood, is beautiful and enhances the look of any room.It was challenging to keep the blocked profiles aligned in the base, dividers, drawers and top.

I also enjoyed the combination of using both power and hand tools to accomplish the fine detail work. Lonnie’s is blessed with the ability and patience to deal with all skill levels of his students. He can develop an unskilled woodworker and can improve the results of the most skilled woodworkers. He adds fun to woodworking and is especially good at making sure we all work with safety in mind. ~ Jim Kirby