Student Work–Bill Bliss

Several years ago I was looking for a woodworking class that would teach me how to make some of the finer pieces that I have seen in many of the woodworking books and magazines. I am talking about the pieces of furniture that are traditional and require a high level of craftsmanship to build.

A friend recommended Lonnie Bird and I was excited about the class after seeing his website.  However, I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t as excited when I realized it was required that I take Woodworking Essentials before I could take any of the other classes.

After much consideration, I decided to take Woodworking Essentials thinking I could brush up on some of the practices that I already knew. I was totally surprised! I learned more in that one class than I had learned in any other class. Lonnie taught the basics of hand tools and how to properly use them as we built a small table. He also showed the different types of joints and the proper way to make them.  I realize now, after taking several classes, that in making any fine piece of furniture, the proper use of the hand tools is essential. Each class builds on the previous class which helps to gain a full understanding of the new technique being learned to construct that particular piece. I look forward to my next class and plan on taking many more. ~ Bill Bliss