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Turning for Furniture Makers



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Have you ever noticed that many pieces of fine furniture feature turnings--such as table legs, bed posts, and decorative finials for casework? Learning to turn opens a whole new realm of woodworking possibilities. Despite what you may have heard, turning is not that difficult, and in this three-day course we'll cover the techniques that you'll need to add turning to your next project. To maximize practice time, each student will have his or her own lathe.

Note: The shop is air conditioned for your comfort!

Topics Include:

  • Tool selection and sharpening
  • Producing a shearing cut with the skew and gouge
  • Taming the skew
  • Sharpening lathe tools
  • Turning a variety of shapes

Class size is limited to nine woodworking students so that you'll receive personal attention and instruction.

Prerequisite: None

"Thanks for a great turning course!"--Mitch L., KY

planeThe best value in woodworking education.
We know that you're excited about woodworking. We are, too!