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Woodworking Essentials - Learn Valuable Skills!

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Space Available in the July Woodworking Essentials Class!

Instructor:Lonnie Bird
Dates:April 20-24, 2015 SOLD OUT
May 4-8, 2015     SOLD OUT
 June 1-5, 2015    SOLD OUT
 July 6-10, 2015   Space Available!
Size:Limited to nine students

If you've always wanted to use handtools like a pro, then here is your opportunity. In this five-day class you'll learn lots of new tips and techniques as you construct a beautiful nightstand complete with a dovetailed drawer. Lonnie will teach you his time-tested techniques for sharpening your chisels and planes quickly and effectively. He'll also demonstrate his techniques for using the three essential handplanes: smooth planes, block planes and shoulder planes. As you construct your own table you'll learn to cut dovetails and fit a drawer to precise tolerances that you never thought were possible.

At the week's end you'll take home an attractive table and lots of new woodworking skills. This is one of our most popular classes--so don't miss out!

"Lonnie is a great teacher and has tremendous woodworking talent, communication skills, and a great personality. All this made for a fantastic experience in Woodworking Essentials."--Ron N., VA


Here's what you'll learn in this exciting week:

  • Cut dovetails by hand and solid techniques for ensuring a precise fitWW-Ess-Tablewebready
  • Smooth wood quickly with a plane and avoid the tedium of sanding
  • Sharpen chisels and planes quickly--without a lot of fuss
  • Tune a block plane and when and how to use it
  • Use a shoulder plane--an important and underrated tool
  • Cut and fit mortise-and-tenon joints, a key component of furniture making
  • Construct a dovetailed drawer and fit it precisely with a plane
  • Understand wood movement so your furniture doesn't self destruct when the seasons change

Class size is limited to nine students so that you'll receive personal attention and instruction.

Note: The shop is air conditioned for your comfort!

Prerequisite: None

"Thank you for a great Woodworking Essentials week. I learned a lot and know I will continue to learn as I read my notes and absorb more information. Truly, it was a pleasure!"--Denise E.

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