Build a Mini Serpentine Chest

Although small in scale, this little chest is sure to take your woodworking skills up a notch or two. The construction involves everything in making a full-scale serpentine chest. The entire front of the chest is curved including the top, drawer fronts, drawer dividers, base molding, and even the feet. Adding to the beauty and complexity of the chest is the tiny brass hardware. The chest also makes a perfect gift!

Here is a list of what you’ll learn in this exciting distance learning course:

  • Shaping all of the curves of the chest for perfect alignment between the top, dividers, drawer front, base molding, and feet

  • Cutting diminutive dovetails on the case, feet, and drawers

  • Application of cock beading to a complex case

  • Constructing curved bracket feet (each foot is several pieces of wood joined and sculpted for a perfect fit to the curved case)

Regular Cost: $1,000 ON SALE for $700!

“Lonnie’s woodworking classes have all been outstanding and a great learning experience!  Each project has resulted in a unique and beautiful piece of furniture. It is a testimonial to the quality of instruction and projects that so many fine people sign up for distance learning instruction year after year.” — Don M., MT